ICON Information Consultants

100 Waugh Drive, Suite 300
Houston, TX 77007
Toll-Free: 877.374.3216
Fax: 713.438.0930



As a company on the bleeding edge of technology, we are working to bring our associates a streamlined time keeping system, accounting system, and payroll with timesheet entry. Please check back with us for future updates.

Please send your inquiries to: timesheets@iconconsultants.com


If there are any changes with your personal or business information, such as a new manager, family member, home address, marital status, e-mail address, work location, etc., please contact Icon Recruiting Coordinators at: changes@iconconsultants.com

For ICON Employees and Consultants:

In the case of severe weather, natural disaster or other state of emergency, please dial 713-275-2376. This hotline will be updated with information and instructions during a time of crisis.