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Are you concerned about the validation and ongoing compliance of your Independent Contractor population? Are you worried about the classification of your contingent workers? Are you aware of legislative / regulatory policies and changes towards Independent Contractors? Are you in need of access to a highly skilled, but risk inherent workforce? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are not alone. More and more companies are inquiring about Independent Contractor risk and the solutions available to mitigate this risk.

Over the past ten years, the IRS has increased their focus on the use of Independent Contractors as a source of lost tax revenue. Over that time, the IRS has issued a number of classification guidelines and levied significant fines and penalties on companies that utilize Independent Contractors. As an Independent Contractor Validation and Management Company, we accept the responsibility of properly classifying Independent Contractors.

ICON Information Consultants is a leading provider of Independent Contractor Validation and Management Services. For over 13 years, ICON has continued to mature its Independent Contractor Validation and Management services into an industry leading solution. Unlike other providers that rely on an automated validation test, or a one-time review of the contractor's qualifications, ICON utilizes a “hands-on” human interactive process to validate and manage Independent Contractor workers throughout the length of the contractor's assignment. ICON's Independent Contractor validation process is centered on behavioral and financial control assessments as well as a review of the relationship between parties.

ICON's Independent Contractor Management Service includes:

  • Classification Analysis & Determination based on the IRS 20 Factors Questionnaire
  • Insurance Vetting
  • Standardized On-Boarding Process
  • On-going Classification Compliance Management
  • Invoice - Payment Processing
  • Advance Payment Option
  • Legislative & Regulatory Expertise
  • Client Indemnification